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Welcome to our group! Why not get started by viewing our Gallery, or by heading over to our unique Character List?

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the group's admins to the left of the page, and the rules below.

About Us





You must follow the rules for continued employment in our facility.

• Respect other members of the group.

• Deviations submitted here must be related to the games we support. (See "About Us" for game list.)

• Don't ask if you can become a Contributor or a Co-Founder; these positions will forever be closed unless stated otherwise on the "About Us" section or in the group's journal.

• Don't send us Garry's Mod images - it is no longer a game we support.*
*You may submit images made in Garry's mod that relate to games we support, but you can no longer submit images with any old characters in, as we don't support Gmod anymore (Game uses a modified engine, and frankly, it's not what people wanted to see. This rule also applies for Source Flimmaker. (SFM))



Can I submit anything related to the supported games here?
Almost anything; artworks created in Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker will be accepted as long as they are art and not just screens of ragdoll posing. We will also not accept blatant screenshots from in-game; this is what Steam is for. Art containing renders done by others must contain credit. Everything else should be fine!

Does it matter what level of skill I am? Do I have to be active in this group?
No! It doesn't matter what your drawings look like, what they're created in, how you did them, anything. It can be as sophisticated as being built from scratch in 3DS Max to as simple as a doodle in MS Paint; it doesn't matter! You do not have to be active in this group; you can join just to enjoy the art!

Can I suggest a favorite?
You can, but we'd rather you suggest the image to be added to the gallery! It's what it's for!

I'm holding a contest! Can this group help out?
We'd love to! Whilst we can't hold your contest ourselves we can post a journal on deviantART and an announcement on the Steam Group to gather other user's attention! If there is any particular way that this group can aid your contest, please let us know!

My Deviation didn't get added to the gallery straight away! What happened?
Deviations must first be approved and are done on a 10 message basis, so don't worry if you artwork doesn't appear at first.

The gallery got updated and I still don't see my artwork. Now what?
Resubmit the Deviation; it could have been accidentally removed or voted for incorrectly.

I've resubmitted but my artwork STILL isn't appearing in your gallery. Why?
It could be that your artwork does not meet the gallery's requirements. If you believe there is a problem you are more than welcome to send the group a note.

Why did you stop supporting Garry's Mod?
Garry's Mod now uses a modified version of Source, and this group only supports original Source Games. That's it. Users were also complaining about the high number of submissions to the group that had no relation to Half-Life/Team Fortress/Portal/etc. In other words, people didn't want to see it.

There are plenty of other groups out there that support Garry's Mod works, and we even affiliate with some of them.

This doesn't mean you can jump on Source Filmmaker for a joyride into our gallery. We understand that SFM is Source and we should support it, but even it is starting to go through the same stages that Garry's Mod went through. Source Filmmaker submissions will be closely monitored.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



We realize that some of the older parts of the gallery don't comply with all the rules set here, but these are new rules and the gallery is 6 years old; we figured it's best to leave them.



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I'm speechless.
This is heartbreaking.
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Hi there! Thank you soo much for adding my drawing! I really appreciate it :3
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Thanks for adding my drawing :D
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And again - Big thanks for adding my picture to the group! :heart:
(Writing this sees to become a dA routine now - Not sure whether to feel awkward or flattered about this. XD)
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