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Group Rules

Welcome To Black Mesa!

I'm Chell. (Pasadena-Opossum) I'm The Founder, And The Group's Only Admin, So If You Have Any Problems Feel Free To Let Me Know.

In This Group, There's Not Much To Be Expected Of You. Please Read Bellow For The Minimal Guidelines For Your Admittance In The Black Mesa Compound...

:bulletorange: - Respect Other Members Of The Group.

:bulletblack: - Things Submitted Here Must Be Half-Life Or Valve Related.

:bulletorange: - Do NOT, Under Any Circumstances Spam The Group.

:bulletblack: - You Cannot Have A Character That Is Already Taken. That Being Said, Please Note That If Somebody Chooses To Be A "Headcrab", You Cannot Also Be A Headcrab. You Are Welcome To Be A Poison Headcrab Though, If It Is Not Taken.

:bulletorange: - Do Not Note The Founder/Co-Founders With Notes About Joining The Group. You're Welcome To Join.

:bulletblack: - If You Change Your Username PLEASE LET US KNOW! It Stops Confusion On The Character List.

:bulletorange: - Overall, Be Nice To Others.


Finding/Becoming Characters
To See If Your Character Is Taken, You Can Press 'Ctrl + F' To Bring Up Search In Internet Explorer And Firefox. Please Note That This Command May Be Different In Other Browsers.

- You Cannot Become A Character If You Are Not A Member.
- If You Are Banned You Will Be Removed And Your Character Open For Someone Else.
- If You Are Leaving The Group, Please Inform Me So I Can Take Your Name Of The Character List.
- You May Only Take One Character.


Chell ~ Pasadena-Opossum
Weighted Companion Cube ~ svenja71
Corporal Adrian Shepard ~ Galener
Combine Soldier ~ alevegaliolios
Alyx Vance ~ chell66
Hunter ~ InvaderSaph
Strider ~ Ubercharged
Dr. Magnusson ~ Beardie5
Portal Turret ~ mastersporeo
Griggs ~ Jacob-plz
Fast Zombie ~ ParekuJaecin
Headcrab ~ Turquoise-Cheshire
Henry Freeman ~ XXxxXXxxXXxxXXxxXX
Vortiganut ~ Harkaiden
Headcrab Zombie ~ Super-Cute
Wheatly ~ WaltzQueen
Advisor 314 URB-LOC 0017 ~ Merlox
Combine Elite ~ PivotMasterJak
Weighted Storage Cube ~ Stormbadger
DOG ~ Hauntzor
Cave Johnson ~ StainedBarrel
Bullsquid~ mezmacko
Gargantua~ SpeedyTHhedgehog
Poison Headcrab~ Doomzer
Crazy Core~ AzimuthDragon
Anger Core~ MSI-Fan-Boy
Lie Cake~ perkeyburger
The Heavy~ nofingerthumb
Uriah~ VictimofScience
Gordon Freeman's Crowbar~ Zidlijan
Weighted Storage Ball~ PSI-Wtf
Speedy Headcrab~ Fyre-Dragon
Bob Smith~ JackRussel1337
The Pyro~ Darrtaa
The Spy~ DarkSlayer777
The Medic~ Sheepii-Bear
Eli Vance~ ThreeCats-ina-Cellar
Female Elite Combine Soldier~ LadyCat17
Gordon Frohman~ Ralexand
Youthanised Companion Cube~ BoiWithAPortalGun
The Engineer~ Lahome13
The Sniper~ Navin-Toast
Dr. Breen~ VenomEXsoldier
Gravity Gun~ MellowShark
Gman's Briefcase~ Beeblez
Portal Radio~ Malik1211
Orange Portal~ RammPatricia
U3871~ Sheriff-Skullface
Gina Cross~ AccleiaMoonWolf
Lamarr~ PHUZface1
Victory Mine Vortigaunt~ Kausill
Nova Prospekt Combine~ Jackson889
Barney Calhoun~ PennyArcadeFan
High-School Gordon~ EXmascat101
Ichthyosaur~ Kei-Ago
Antlion Guard~ tkkttony
Blue Portal~ idk16
Combine Sniper~ iNeedDosh
Half-Life Medic~ yoyokittycatlol
Doctor Kleiner~ DoktorRevolution
Cockroach~ Blinxis
GLaDOS~ Artensa
Mike The Combine~ Kim-san
Poison Headcrab Zombie~ marvic474
Doug Rattman~ Oktoberfresh
Fact Core~ CoroQuetz
Space Core~ kingerythros
Portal 2 Companion Cube~ scarface102
Fast Zombie Torso~ noodlecutie123
Caroline~ Danielle-chan
Rick The Adventure Core~ Miatriss
The Scout~ thatoneguybry
The Loose Cannon Sandvich~ leodude74
Aperture Science Announcer~ MatoranMocer146
Portal 2 Defective Turret~ GtkShroom
Combine Pilot~ ATCmaster
Combine Assassin~ Kranaylee
Aperture Science Edgeless Safety Cube~ aceb22bro
314 URB-LOC 0017 Advisor~ EpicSonicTF2Fan1
P-Body~ sakuramiyuku523
Portal Gun~ samiwolfKO
Aperture Science 1500-Megawatt Super-Colliding Super-Button~ adrius15
Mark IV Hazardous Environment Suit~ TownshendHenry
Test Subject 666~ Half-Portal
Alien Combine Soldier~ XXredrunner55XX
Captain Vance~ crazysharky666
Deadly Neurotoxin~ MidnightScience
Oracle Turret~ InfernoWyvern
Counter-Terrorist~ BlackMesaCasa
The Cat~ DJC631
Nihilanth~ The-Stereopticon
Zombine~ howsthatwork1
Black Ops Assassin~ ethosaur
Gel~ Vanzza
Sandy~ theron-berserker
Dr. Magnusson's Casserole~ 0rg
Lambda Logo~ sh4dowl1nk
Synth Headcrab~ LucasH-EquipeNaxus
Overwatch Rifle~ Vmasdani
Hoopy~ quantumdylan
The Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill~ celestepen1acww
Colonel Odessa Cubbage~ Redrifter
Sweepy~ pukukurin
Headcrab With Mustache~ FelineSegwayRider
Father Grigori~ boodlina
Green Energy Ball~ pneshati
Young Caroline~ TheNoodleDude
Manhack~ F4fullpower
Nova Prospekt Turret~ Lyf-Cam
Potato GLaDOS~ SugarPaw123
Leaper Zombie~ Sandvichkart101944
Ellis~ Ellislash
Portal Deadly Liquid~ scarface102
Disgruntled Turret~ guywiththesuitcase
Laszlo~ Lilgreenmen
Antlion Grub~ Eemeling
Nick~ ThatFnNinja
Zoey~ SomeRandomPerson4490
Rocket Turret~ ninjatastic-becca
Frankenturret~ Bogun99
TF2 Intelligence Briefcase~ Py-Bun
Long Fall Boots~ waterangel17
King Turret~ rsclaymore
Walter Bennet~ AgilJo
Rochelle~ daddyduke
HECU Grunt~ monkeybomb115
Nova Prospekt Teleporter~ HoofyPotter
Saxton Hale~ cyguy121
Headcrab Canister~ Gamebanana
Aperture Science Test Chamber(s)~ Infantry8888
Combine From Science And Outerspace~ PsychoticKpopper
Overwatch Soldier~ Verahawk
Skitch~ shilyx45
Gordon Freeman~ CakeDoom
Level 3 Sentry Gun~ xineombine
Barney Freeman~ combiezombine
Atlas~ Rainfire12
Dr. Headcrab~ JBMcKnight
The All Knowing Vortigaunt~ JABUKA96
Half-Life 2 Health Pack~ sweetiepie019
Half-Life 2 Hopper~ lotrluvr
Half-Life 2 Male Citizen 02~ Doommetal101
Houndeye~ Mattabo-CCCXVII
Mini-Sentry~ LadyCrystalline
Judith Mossman~ TokyoHart
Lidiya Komarov~ THELEGOMack
Female Combine Assassin~ mzbhvn1
John Freeman~ TheWrathOfTheLamb
Combine Advisor~ PaganiZondaFroadster
Mr Headcrabz~ MrHeadcrabz
Gman~ ZeFlyingMuppet
Male Citizen 04~ Blaze-Cross
Pete The Rebel~ doctaoctobus
The Metrocop With Blue Eyes~ Sol4rpleXus#
Kingpin~ TheSisisspore
T_guerilla~ Kokyal0rd
Red Beret HECU Grunt~ Deep-Strike
Cheshire Calhoun~ cheshireCalhoun
Dr. Generic~ AvianAvenger
The Cactus~ Gravity-Cr0wbar
Mantis Man~ NeweRegion
Animal King~ OkuriKuda
Cremator~ octo-three
Gordon Freemane~ Techmike1
HECU Recon Trooper~ Masterak555
Hunter~ Eric666Freeman


:bulletorange:DEVIATION SUBMISSION:bulletorange:
Deviations And/Or Affiliation Requests Are Approved On A 10 Message Basis, So Please Don't Be Alarmed If Your Image/Affiliation Isn't Approved Straight Away.

If The Request Expires, I Will Personally Send Out A Request From This Group To You.

:bulletblack:Last But Not Least!:bulletblack:
If you are a member or a watcher of this group, please consider joining the official Half-Lifers Steam Group. We are currently very lacking in members although the Steam Group has been around almost as long as the DeviantART one. Please consider joining!

:bulletorange:Half-Life Live Action Web Series!:bulletorange:
Support the development of this project by going here and donating!
Thanks to Mag889.


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Want To Affiliate With This Group? Send A Request!


(This would have been posted sooner had my Laptop screen not have died - sorry!)

ChavisO2 is currently holding a STEAM contest, where "people can draw any videogame fanart they want from STEAM!"

Prizes range from a $20 Steam gift card, all the way up to $100 gift cards, all for fanart!
It's a great oppertunity to create for games that you love.

And for gift cards.
It's good to create for the gift cards too.

You can even submit your art to this group when you're done! (Providing it fits into what the group currently supports, of course.)


But all this is better coming from the man directly, so go  visit his journal!

Please direct any questions to ChavisO2, as I am only spreading the word.

Thanks for reading! And good luck to those who choose to enter!
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Group Info

A Group For The Fans Of Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, And Any Valve Related Game.

Choose A Character And Settle Down In The Black Mesa Compound...
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 1, 2010


Group Focus
Half Life

1,414 Members
1,277 Watchers
44,363 Pageviews
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Kalikedeshi Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I was just browsing around and I found this. What use does the Taken Character List do? Do you guys have, like, an RP or something?
Pasadena-Opossum Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Originally Yes The Character List Was Intended For RP, But When The Original Founder Left The Group It Sort Of Never Became A Thing...

But People Liked Having A Character To Their Name, So I Decided I'd Keep It!
Kalikedeshi Featured By Owner 1 day ago
So I can make a comic strip containing, let's say, the Black Ops Assassin without having to ask permission to use it?
Pasadena-Opossum Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Oh Yes Of Course, The List Is Just For Fun It Doesn't Stop You From Drawing Characters Or Anything Like That!
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Vincentyy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
Can we make our own character in the "Taken Character List"?
Pasadena-Opossum Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yes, You Can!
Theheadcrusher6 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
why is half life source broken????? 
Pasadena-Opossum Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You Mean The Steam Game Or...?
Theheadcrusher6 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
yes the steam game
Pasadena-Opossum Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I Don't Know. We're Just An Art Group.

Maybe A Member Will See Your Post And Be Able To Help Out, Though.
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